About Sulflux

The exchange of carbon dioxide (CO2) between land and the atmosphere is one of the most important indicators of ecosystem productivity. The eddy-flux measurement approach has become a standard approach to continuously monitor the effects of climate variability and other casual factors on carbon sequestration or release from ecosystems. SULFLUX is an effort to measure and understand the contribution of different south Brazilian ecosystems for CO2 atmospheric concentrations.

Summed over the course of a month, season or year, data from these sites provide accurate measures of ecosystem CO2 source or sink strengths. The flux towers provide information specific to one ecosystem type or condition. The data collected by SULFLUX towers is shared in cooperation with CEOP.

I WORKSHOP of the Sulflux network

The goal of this event is the discussion of early work being done with the data from this network, which provides a long period of observations of interactions between the surface and atmosphere to quantify the net transfer of CO2 and other physical quantities in the state of Rio Grande do Sul (RS) and southern Brazil.